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Eaglet Education Center & the Student Parent Program

WRS provides free on-campus childcare for student parents enrolled with TSD9 in the Eaglet Education Center (EEC). This service is available during regular school hour/days so student parents can participate in curricular activities. Children may begin attending once they are six weeks old.

The center is in close contact and in compliance with Oregon Child Care division best practice regulations. It is educationally driven, focusing on learning through play in the developmental domains of:

  • Social/Emotional Development

  • Cognitive Development

  • Language Development

  • Fine Motor Development

  • Gross Motor Development

  • Self-Help/Adaptive Skill building

Staff members who work in the EEC are highly qualified to work in early childhood education. They consistently implement new best practice health and safety regulations, organize and implement lesson plans, and coordinate special community activities.

Student parents and pregnant students often participate as interns, teachers' aides, and/or in group activity with EEC children. In short, student parents can be as involved in their child's care as they wish to be.