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In addition, all students must register as a student in Tillamook School District (Tillamook County Schools not in TSD9 will utilize district transfer options).

Please contact Principal Christy Hartford or Secretary Hailey Blackwell at 503.842.7538 or email with additional questions.

Tillamook Virtual Academy is a K-12 online school designed to meet the needs of students and families who wish to learn predominantly from home. It's the perfect balance between at-home learning and public education opportunities.


Students who sign up for Tillamook Virtual Academy will join an online community of learners engaged in academic work through a variety of district approved online curricula. Canvas is our Learning Management System, and it enables students to go to a single place to access all their coursework, Google meets, weekly expectations, and learning resources. TVA works much like school in person: regular attendance is required, lessons are comprehensive, grades are given, and yes, homework is assigned.

TVA curriculum covers the same learning goals and state standards that students in a physical classroom encounter. We believe in educating the whole child and utilize brain-based best teaching practices to do so. Our teachers build strong relationships with students in order to provide educational experiences that best fit students' needs and goals.

Learning kits and adaptive materials aligned with Common Core Standards and Oregon Standards are provided/delivered (items may include Chromebooks, textbooks, individual whiteboards, novels, manipulatives, art supplies, etc.).

TVA Staff

Serves as a learning advisor, monitoring student progress in the online curriculum and providing guidance

  • Assigns supplemental lessons (such as projects, experiments, writing assignments, etc.), and grades those activities
  • Provides student mentorship, discipline, welfare, and safety as well as direct specialized instruction
  • Provides guided access to teaching team members who are highly qualified in individual subject areas as appropriate to the student’s needs
  • Plans for student success based on assessed needs and demonstrates empathy, rapport, objectivity, and listening skills
  • Monitors IEP and TAG plans to ensure individual student educational needs are being met

Students and their families are part of the essential support system in Tillamook Virtual Academy. Parents, guardians and even older siblings may act as learning coaches — we are all partners in educating our students. Families should secure a quiet space suitable for learning. Internet access is essential. If families can't access the internet, TSD9 can offer support.


Comprehensive Distance Learning was a short-term online option during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was operated by your child's brick and mortal school with the intention to return to the building when health metrics allowed.

Tillamook Virtual Academy is for students and families who want a long-term option to the typical in-person school experience. TVA is a fully online school for students in grades K-12.