Students grow their stories with empathy, become game-changers, and graduate with future opportunities.


To use Discovery Skills, build positive relationships, and focus on progress towards mastery.

Who We Are

Wilson River School is a small, option high school in Tillamook School District 9. It is primarily designed for students who prefer a different path outside of the larger, traditional comprehensive high school. Different pathways are available and plans are individualized based on specific student requests and needs. Wilson River partners with students to develop life skills, foster positive mindsets, and provide meaningful work experiences. Students grow their stories with empathy and become game changers for their own lives, graduating with choices and access to future opportunities.

Everyone is welcome!


Wilson River works with community partners to create a series of hands-on learning experiences for students. For those who attend our campus, much of the time is spent outdoors and out volunteering in our community.

Some of our partnerships include TillaBay Farms, Oregon Department of Forestry, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the Nazarene Church, Food Roots, and the Wilson River Preschool. The goal of our partnerships is to graduate students with hands-on work experiences that help guide them to a career path.